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Exotic Wildlife in Panama

Panama’s rich biodiversity is largely a result of its geological history. Around three million years ago the land bridge known as Panama arose, connecting North and South America. Animals from these previously separated continents were now allowed to intermingle and migrate north and south, creating an ideal environment for an astonishing array of wildlife. More bird species are found in Panama (over 950) than in the United States and Canada combined, for example.

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Panama’s plant life is among the most diverse in the world. Besides the humid tropical rainforests that one would expect to find, there are many other ecosystems, like chilly mountain zones, cloud forests, and dry arid regions. This diversity in climate has resulted in over 10,000 species of plants, 1,500 of which are not found anywhere else on earth.

If you enjoy nature, you can’t do any better than Panama.

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Exotic Wild life in Panama