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Weather and Climate of Panama

The Azuero peninsula is refreshingly different from the rest of the country. Due to prevailing wind patterns, the entire peninsula receives less rainfall than the rest of the country; it is the driest region in Panama. Panama has two seasons, the rainy and the dry. The dry season, or summer, lasts from about mid-December to the end of April, and the rainy season, or winter, lasts from May to mid-December. The rain tends to be the heaviest at the end of winter, October and November.

Rainfall is far heavier on the Caribbean side of the country than on the Pacific side, making it a much less desirable place to be. In fact, the rain never stops completely along the Caribbean coast and on the islands of Bocas del Toro. Rain is a fairly constant companion throughout much of the country – even in the mountain highlands of Boquete, a year round foggy drizzle is so prevalent that it is called bajareque by the locals. It is decidedly unpleasant.

One of the main reasons that the western slope of the Azuero peninsula was chosen for Ocean Ridge Estates is that climate-wise, it may very well be the most ideal location in the entire country. Just four miles from the ocean and at around 1200 feet in elevation, the temperature is consistently cooler than along the beach. The dry season is the driest in the country, and the rainy season is quite manageable.

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