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Surfing in Panama

For anyone who likes to surf, Panama is a place to behold and the hidden gem town of Mariato is just a few miles away from Ocean Ridge Estates. The beauty of the beaches is enough to give a feeling of euphoria, while the waves also provide a great experience for anyone with a surfboard. Surfers have access to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and some of the most popular spots for surfing are within driving distance of Ocean Ridge Estates.

The best time to surf in Panama is normally between December and April. While these traditionally winter weather type months are mostly not conducive to surfing, especially if you are on the East Coast of the United States, the weather and waves you can experience in Panama will have you surfing to your heart's content.

There are many locations to choose from when looking for surfing in Panama. Near the capital is a place called Chepillo. While there are no accommodations you will find here, this tiny island provides a beach that produces excellent swells and waves for any surfer to enjoy. At Coronado Beach you can find some impressive tubes and a spot known for its right breaks called Serena. Four to six feet waves are something you can expect from Serena at peak swell times. Another place with normally constant waves is Rio Mar, located at the beach with the same name and supplying quite a large right break, which is good for surfing. For a surfing haven with a number of surf spots, the province of Veraguas offers Playa Mariato. Waves here can easily reach heights of five to seven feet, making these beaches a favorite spot of many surfers. Another spot that is very popular for surfing in Panama is Panch. Sitting on Isla Colon, Panch offers easy access by vehicle and a peak which can break left or right while creating a hefty tube.

Whether you're planning a short or permanent vacation, surfing in Panama has much to offer.

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