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Stability in Panama

Existing as it does in a part of the world that has never enjoyed a reputation for safety, stability, or good government, Panama's vast improvement in these areas over the last couple of decades is all the more impressive. Potential visitors and investors can now look at Panama with a good deal less trepidation than would have been prudent just twenty years ago. The nation has come far from its days of being ruled by colonial powers, revolutionaries, or tinpot dictators and now enjoys regular democratic elections. With the fourth peaceful transfer of power, Panama's role on the world stage is set to improve even more.

Democratic Government in Panama

The Panama of the twenty first century is a peaceful place. Now that the country is fully responsible for the upkeep and security of the crucial Panama Canal, a stable government is an essential thing. It didn't happen all at once: during the first years of Panama's experiments with democracy, there was some international oversight involved to make sure the process ran smoothly.

Low Crime Rate in Panama

Like any place in the world, Panama is not completely crime free, but Panama has far less crime than many other parts of the world. Panama has no standing military, which is generally a good thing because when it existed, the military was often instrumental in coup d'etats. Instead, order is kept by the Panamanian National Police.

Full Title Ownership

You can be completely confident that purchasing a lot in Ocean Ridge Estates will be just as secure as purchasing property in the United States. You will have full title ownership of your land, and you will have all of the legal rights of a Panamanian citizen.

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