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Recreational Activities in Panama

Located on the isthmus that connects North America and South America is the country of Panama. Panama offers great outdoor activities for people who enjoy the water. Fishing, surfing, whale watching and other recreational activities can be enjoyed in the country of Panama. Much exotic wildlife can be seen here as well.

Fishing in Panama is excellent year round. There is no bad season for fishing. On the Pacific side near the Ocean Ridge Esates, deep sea fishing is more prevalent and more species flourish including Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, and Wahoo. Types of fishing available in Panama include fly fishing, snook fishing, tarpon fishing, and several other types as well.

Surfing is a popular activity in Panama and just minutes away from Ocean Ridge Esates is the hidden gem town of Mariato. The waves are great for surfboard activity. In different locations in Panama, surfing camps are taught to people who would like to learn. There are also surfing trips, where groups of people meet up and enjoy riding the waves together as a pack. Some surfing trips are led by a guide who knows the area and can point out various things to see.

One of the most beautiful activities to partake in while in Panama is a whale watching expedition. People on a whale watching expedition in Panama can see humpback whales interacting with each other in the water. Gray humpback whales are a very popular type of whale to watch because they are a very active type of whale and they make noises as they interact with each other. This makes for a very nice show.

Other outdoor activities people can participate in while visiting or living in Panama include taking a tour of various cities in the country. People who have just relocated to Panama will find taking a tour very helpful in getting to know the area. A wonderful way to view the various terrains in Panama is to take a hike in any of the various parks and recreational areas. For those people who enjoy the water, kayaking, boating and diving are available, either by a guided tour or solo.

Traveling through Panama, visitors will see a wide range of exotic wildlife. Because the country connects two continents, the rain forests of Panama have a unique diversity of animal life. There are a record amount of bird species, such as various types of pelicans in the country. There are also 125 animal species that are unique to the area that can't be seen anywhere else in the world.

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