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Whale Watching in Panama

The ocean waters of Panama serve as a rendezvous region for families of humpback whales that move between Mexico and Panama. The waters of Panama give the baby whales an ideal environment to gain some experience and maturity before attempting the more challenging waters of the open ocean.

All of the great whales migrate, which makes whale watching a very seasonal activity. The waters near the coast of Panama serve as the northern reproduction zone for the southeast Pacific humpback whale population. Between June and October, these families migrate down to Panama, and then in October and November, they migrate north back to Mexico. Either of these time periods would make ideal viewing times for whale watching.

There are numerous excursions departing from Panama to give you the best whale watching experience. From Panama City, some of the best locations to watch the humpback whales and their calves include the Panama Gulf, Coiba Island, and Pedasi. You can arrange for a charter tour, even ones that stay overnight, or you can simply hire a local fisherman to let you tour around Taboga Island.

While no tour can guarantee a whale sighting, with a little luck you might find your ship surrounded by giant humpback whales. They might be floating lazily or playing together, but either way, it will be a remarkable sight. Even if you are not lucky enough to see whales, you should still be able to see some dolphins, the endangered Brown Pelican, or other large sea birds, as well as the renowned rock formations.

Whatever style of whale watching tour you enjoy, you will have an unforgettable experience and lots of picture-taking opportunities.

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