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Outdoor Activities in Panama

From the highest mountain (Volcan Baru, 11,400 ft) to the coastline of either the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, Panama has plenty to offer any outdoor enthusiast. Fishing, diving, surfing, hiking, bird watching, and horseback riding – the list is nearly endless. The only way you can be bored in Panama is if you want to be.

The gorgeous weather and natural landscape of the country of Panama offers its citizens a nearly year-round opportunity to indulge in her many outdoor activities. Whether diving deep within one of the lakes in the Canal Zone to experience the sites of remnants long since left after the construction of the famous Panama Canal, or simply taking in the shallow water sights of the beautiful, untouched coral reefs off the coasts of the San Blas or Bocas Del Toro Islands, an average day in Panama is no less than an above average adventure.

With the plentiful beach excursions headed to the San Blas islands, guided tours of the shallow, crystal waters as well as diving trips to view many of the ancient, sunken ships and natural wonders beneath the water’s surface, a day trip to this marvelous destination makes for an unforgettable experience. For a more relaxed pace, a simple rest in a hammock under one of the many island palms sets a gentler mode into play as one relaxes into the soothing sounds of surf and shore.

Hiking enthusiasts as well as those interested in exploring a more remote or uninhabited island, look to Toboga Island. Known as the “Island of Flowers”, Toboga Island offers trails as well as a truly tropical feel. With her sandy coast and palm lined shores, hiking through the tropical forest on this lovely and tranquil island beckons to a time when discovery was still new and exciting. Guided hiking tours winding through trails and paths deep within the Toboga Island rainforests provides the hiking enthusiast and nature lover alike with rare and memorable views into the pristine world of an active rain forest. Conveniently located a mere 12 miles from Panama City and nestled inside the Panama Bay, Toboga is a popular destination for visitors and residents alike.

Whether vacationing in this Pacific Coast paradise or indulging as one of Panama’s lucky residents, the allure of this tropical nation speaks to a welcomed and more relaxed pace of life as she beckons from blue waters and white sands across her pleasant shores.

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Outdoor Activities in Panama


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