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Horseback Riding in Panama

Horseback riding in Panama is often described as breathtaking and inspiring. Not only is the scenery unbelievably gorgeous, but atop a horse you can get a panoramic view of the land. The lush tropical setting of Panama makes for wonderful opportunities to view wildlife up close, including sea life, birds, and other animals in Panama.

While horseback riding in Panama, you may encounter quaint rivers, breathtaking landscape, unusual animals, and a new perspective on life. You may want to ride down to the ocean and gallop along the water's edge, feeling the wind in your face. Perhaps you would rather trot along the plains and see wildlife and birds all around you. Or, maybe you want to explore the exotic tropics of Panama with your horse. Whatever you wish to see while horseback riding in Panama, there is certainly a place where you are able to view it.

horseback riding in panama

Around Ocean Ridge Estates, horseback riding is the main mode of transportation for most of the local residents. There are roads and trails going deep into the mountains, or leading straight to the ocean in the other direction. We would be happy to assist you with finding a nearby neighbor to provide you with horses for a day of riding, if you would like to see the area from a little different perspective. Owning horses is an option at Ocean Ridge Estates – each of the large mini ranch estate lots will be allowed up to three horses for personal recreational use.

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