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Panama Hiking Information

Panama is a small, mountainous country located at the southeastern end of the isthmus between North and South America. Whether you're looking for the intense hiking of volcanoes and mountains or more leisurely strolls along a beach, Panama has something for everyone.

The dense jungles and rainforests of Panama are filled with unique varieties of flora and fauna. You can see all kinds of species of wildlife on your hike. The beaches are pristine and the indigenous people are both welcoming and hospitable. Panama offers an unparalleled cultural and nature experience. Hikers can find trails ranging in every level of difficulty and intensity. You can explore local villages or hike to coffee plantations. With more bird species than the United States and Canada put together, the cloud forests of Panama offer great spots for avid bird watchers to catch glimpses of rare species of birds. Hiking destinations are endless in the paradise of Panama.

The equipment you need will depend on the location of your hike, how long you intend to stay, your experience, and current fitness level. For longer hikes into more remote areas, you'll need a tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear, and food. Depending on its availability, you'll probably need to carry your own water and you'll want to have some kind of water purification system. Hiking sticks are always useful. You may want to consider hiring a guide. Some destinations require and provide local guides. Always check before you embark on your hiking journey. Layered clothes are best for adjusting to any type of weather that you may encounter on your hike and rain gear is advisable. A first aid kit is useful in case of emergencies. Most important, don't forget your camera as you'll see unforgettable scenery that you'll want to share with your friends and family.

The Azuero peninsula has tremendous hiking potential. There are three national parks in the vicinity that can be explored: Montuoso Forest Preserve, La Tronosa Reserve, and Cerro Hoya National park. There is a large mountain range traversing the center of the peninsula, as well as hundreds of miles of shoreline. Ocean Ridge Estates is conveniently located close to all of these destinations.

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